Shuttle Bus Tadao Louvre Lens

With Tadao, let yourself be transported to the Louvre Lens in less than 10 minutes :

A free and direct shuttle bus, decorated with the Louvre Lens’s colors, is at your disposal :

  • At Platform A from the bus station of Lens near the railway station of Lens,
  • Everyday excepting Tuesday (The day where the museum is closed)
  • Every 30 minutes, from 8h25am to 6h04pm from the bus station close to the railway station.
  • Last departure from the museum : 18h15


On the return, some bus stops are available in the downtown of Lens : between the museum and the bus station close to the railway station, you can now getting of the bus at the bus stops Basly or Hôtel de Ville !

Railway Station – Louvre Lens


GARE BUS QUAI A 08:1508:4509:1509:4510:1510:4511:1511:4512:1512:45
MUSÉE LOUVRE 08:2408:5409:2409:5410:2410:5411:2411:5412:2412:54


GARE BUS QUAI A 13:1513:4514:1514:4515:1515:4516:1516:4517:1517:45
MUSÉE LOUVRE 13:2413:5414:2414:5415:2415:5416:2416:5417:2417:54

Museum Louvre Lens – Railway Station


MUSÉE LOUVRE 13:1013:4014:1014:4015:1015:4016:1016:4017:1017:4018:10
BASLY 13:1813:4814:1814:4815:1815:4816:1816:4817:1817:4818:18
HÔTEL DE VILLE 13:2513:5514:2514:5515:2515:5516:2516:5517:2517:5518:25
GARE BUS QUAI A 13:3214:0214:3215:0215:3216:0216:3217:0217:3218:0218:32


MUSÉE LOUVRE 08:4009:1009:4510:1010:4011:1011:4012:1012:40
BASLY 08:4809:1809:4810:1810:4811:1811:4812:1812:48
HÔTEL DE VILLE 08:5509:2509:5510:2510:5511:2511:5512:2512:55
GARE BUS QUAI A 09:0209:3210:0210:3211:0211:3212:0212:3213:02